Hello and welcome to my site. I am a semi pro Photographer
Based in Buckinghamshire. I have been doing photography
For 11years now. The images that are in my galleries are a
Cross section of my work. Please browse at your leisure
And contact me if you require more information.
I do like to do most of my photography in the great outdoors.
So I do like to some travel photography, and street candid
Photography. Also a keen motor sports fan, this reflects in my
Motor sports Gallery. I also work with models, where I carry
out fashion/portraits photography. A link is in the Link section,
to my Model Mayhem site. Also link to my Purpleport gallery.
I have carried out work for a graphic web site company. Mostly
Taking images for their clients web sites. This has involved some
Still life images carried out under controlled lighting.
My equipment I use is all canon, and digital files I shot. Using
A DSLR with a variety of EOS L series lenses.
Contact myself Allan Marshall at Raveneye Photography for more details.